5 Benefits of Information Technology

Information technology can simply be described as the process of storing, sorting, manipulating, distributing and processing information using computer technology. The importance of information technology to businesses cannot be overstated. Simply put, IT enhances business efficiency, communication, customer service etc. IT has impacted business in numerous ways. Imagining businesses operating today without information technology is totally unthinkable.

If you are wondering as what the benefits of IT to business are then here are several points to ponder about.


Speed is one of the main advantages that come with IT. Computers process information much faster thus enabling easy administration and dissemination of data. Technologies like email enable faster communications between businesses and their clients. Such technologies enable businesses to be customer savvy- as their main focus shifts to handling customer needs. Additionally technology enables businesses to target the global markets as opposed to just focusing their efforts locally. Technologies like the internet enable people to connect all over the world in real time making the world a global village. Messages are transferred between parties at in supersonic speed.


Increased speed essentially means more efficiency. IT can be used to increase a given business efficiency by speeding up most processes using a host of applications. For instance, instead balancing your books manually, business persons can use many accounting software to efficiently manage their financial records easily. Generally many business processes are nowadays done on the computer. If you walk into any business department today you will find the application of technology all over. IT basically increases efficiency of most processes by eliminating lost time that comes with manual processes.

Low cost investment

IT generally reduces the cost of doing business. For instance most online businesses do not necessarily need to have an office or a physical store. Most online businesses or eCommerce start ups easily make profit without much investment. The cost of building a website only costs a few hundred dollars. The cost of doing business has significantly reduced mainly as a result of the invention of internet.

Data storage made easy

IT technologies eliminate the need for manual filing which takes a lot of space. In the past large organizations used to dedicate warehouses for just storing data. Today technology allows massive amounts of data to be easily stored in digital format which takes less space. Today the data stored can easily be accessed and analyzed for better customer service.


Information technology has made the world to become a global village. Today the world is interconnected through technologies like internet. Through the World Wide Web, one can easily communicate, interact and even do business with anybody across the globe. Business can now easily trade with other businesses across the world. Outsourcing has become a major industry, as people all over the word work at home via their personal computers. Business can use IT to market their products or services globally.


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