Definition of Computer Network and its Benefits

Definition of Computer Networks. Computer networks have a definition of a collection of computers and other devices as a supporter of computers that are connected to each other in a single unit. Media computer network without wires and can be via cable, this allows network users to exchange information, such as data or documents to print through the same printer in the same network, the user can communicate with each other (email , chat), to access the information (web browsing).

In a computer network there are two parties mutually interaction to achieve the same goal, namely the client and server. Client side is the party receiving or requesting service, while the server is the party who send or deliver the service. In addition there is a computer in a network of tens of thousands, and even millions of nodes. Node is a computer or any other devices that are connected in a network.

Based on the function, the computer network has two types, namely client-server and peer-to-peer. Client Server is a network computer that has a computer that is used as a server. Peer-to-peer network that allows any host computer can be a server and client together.

Benefits of Computer Network

1. As sharing resources

Which aims to make all the equipment, programs, and other peripherals can be used by any user on the network computer.

2. As the development and maintenance of the equipment

With the development of computer network equipment will be much easier and can save costs at the same time, for every purchase of components such as printer then just buy one piece, so that the printer can be used together. Besides computer network also allows the user (users) in treating hard drives and other devices, such as providing protection from virus attacks, hard enough to focus on a central computer only.

3. As an effective communication medium

Computer networks can make the communication among users with each other, whether to send information or messages that are important and for teleconferences.

4. As data security

Through a computer network system, stored data will be more secure because it is stored in a central computer that can only be accessed by users who have access rights.

5. As data integration

With the computer network, the reliance on a central computer can be reduced, since any processing of the data is not all done by a single computer only, but can be processed in the computer. Therefore computer network can establish data integration that allows users to process and obtain information at any time.


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3 thoughts on “Definition of Computer Network and its Benefits

  1. Talk about sharing resource.
    If we send data to another computer, what about data security? Can the data was stolen by other user?

  2. that is why we need network security, before we send some data to another computer make it sure you you know who the person who will receive the data, and dont forget to protect your data so that oher user will never stole your data. But beside that computer network is very useful to share data to other people who needed

  3. With the giving of security, does the data warrant will not be stolen? Is it the same as the data leakage? how the mechanism of data leakage?

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