Positive Impact and Negative Impact Of Computer In The Society


It is obvious that the computer are revolutionizing our daily life.More and more educated people are being attracted in using computers for solving their daily problems from word processing ,spreadsheet calculation to solving a very complex simultaneous equation.The following are the basic reasons of increasing attraction towards the use of computers in homes and offices.

-A tedious work can be carried out with the use of computers speedily and accurately.
-Instead using paper files and occupying large spaces,more information can be stored in small space electronically that can be accessed as required.
-Computers possess multitasking and multiprocessing capabilities which facilities multifold operation on data.
-Since the data are stored in electronic devices ,they can be easily accessed.
-Computers obey the instructions and they process the data impartiality during result processing.
-Documents can be kept secret with special login name and password protection.
– Safeguarding the Citizen: Computerized system provide various safeguarding systems.
*Personal data store by the police.
*Personal data stored by the local administrative bodies.
*Information about weather forecast.
*Information about natural calamities such as earthquake.
*Information about recent events of traffic ,road,etc.
-Social Effects(ATM,Visa card,MasterCard):People can use automated teller machine cards for withdrawing money deposited with the help of ATM card ,Visa card or Master card.


Though computers has numerous positive implication ,some people show its negative impact in the following points.They are:-

-The computers are highly expensive and they aren’t affordable for general people.
-There are some methods people can pirate data for misuse.
-Since a computer can do works much faster ,less number for employees can do more work and it leads to increased unemployment.
-Due to malfunction of the computer ,huge data and information can be lost.
-Computer technology is fast changing technology and we have to update accordingly which might become difficult for small firms and schools.
-Due to the difficulty of data transmission we fail in providing proper services.
-Data Integrity and data Security.


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3 thoughts on “Positive Impact and Negative Impact Of Computer In The Society

  1. i agree with your opinion, negative impact from technology is the information cant be controlled, so its very dangerous for people who dont know about information technology, their privacy is not save. so i hope in the future, information security can be upgrade for user who use internet.

  2. that is exactly what i think, It’s true and sure in today’s world. not only about privacy our personalities can change along with the development of technology. we must learn to filter the information between good and bad. I hope that with the advancement of technology, our life is getting better

  3. Adding information about the negative impacts of computers. In this modern world, it takes a special skills to use a computer program (related with a new program that continues to update)

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