Microprocessor and Microcontroller

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source: google

Microprocessor is a CPU that is built in a single semiconductor chip. Microprocessor consists of calculator is divided into registers and an ALU and coding as well as the control unit. In a working relationship with the periodic pulse generator, (as separate units or as integrated components in microprocessor) control unit ensures proper order and logical sequence of cycles that take place in the microprocessor, in terms of overall system The microprocessor is one part of the computer system, the microprocessor can not stand alone, and requires memory and peripherals input – output. Although microprocessors are considered as advanced tools for computing, there is at no point of weakness he designed communication skills (interface) with devices specifically pheriferal. In essence, the microprocessor requires a special series of external.

The parts of the microprocessor are:


CPU is where processing instructions program.In the microcomputer, the processor is called a microprocessor.

CPU consists of two main parts, namely the control unit (control unit) and the arithmetic and logic unit (arithmetic and logic unit.)

In addition there are also some deviations are small sized that called registers. A microprocessor is coupled to the I / O and memory (RAM / ROM) will form a microcomputer system. Inspired by the CPU which can be constructed in a single semiconductor chip, then a microprocessor, I / O and memory can also be built in the chip level. This construction produces Single Chip Microcomputer (SCM). SCM is called a microcontroller.

While the difference between microprocessor with microcontroller is clear. In a microcontroller, RAM and I / O interfaces are entered in it. This is one more advantage of the microcontroller. In the Matter of use, the system microcontroller is more widely used in applications that deterministic, meaning that the system is used for specific purposes eg as PID controllers in industrial instrumentation, control data communications in distributed control system.



Some of the benefits are based tools microcontroller:

• High reliability and high degree of integration,

• Redction in size,

•Reduced component count and manufacturing cost ower,

• Shorter development time,

• Shorter time to market,

• Lower power consumtion,

There are significant differences between microcontroller and microprocessor. The main difference between the two can be seen from the two main factors, namely the hardware architecture (hardware architecture) and application respectively. In terms of architecture, just a single chip microprocessor CPU, while the microcontroller in IC CPU in addition there are also other devices that allows the microcontroller to function as a single computer chip.

In a microcontroller IC has been there ROM, RAM, EPROM, serial interface and parallel interface, timer, interrupt controller, Anlog to Digital converters, and others (depending on the feature that complements the microcontroller). In terms of application, the microprocessor only serves as a Central Processing Unit is the brain into a computer, while the microcontroller, in its tiny, generally intended to perform tasks on a control-oriented circuits that require a minimum number of compon.

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  1. I just found out about micro few days ago, and I have project for my college using that device. from now I must learn about micro for success my project.. I hope it is easy to learn so my project can be successed. By the way, I think microcontroller an microprocessor is very useful

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