Adverse impacts sophistication of computer technology

although it has a positive impact and benefits are so great for human life, the sophistication of computer technology still leaves the problems and negative perngaruh also keep in mind for later addressed and anticipated. The following are some of the adverse effects felt by the sophistication of the development of computer technology in the midst of life.

1. Eliminate the creativity of children in play

we will remember how the kids a few decades ago are still familiar with a variety of traditional games which give a positive value for the development of a child. there are a lot of traditional children’s games of old. averaged into a place of nature as an object of play

these games creativity, social sensitivity and a sense of community among fellow. This time we are certainly no longer the familiar saw a child playing games in the garden or conceited. we see the kids of today would rather spend time playing play station, playing computer games, playing with mobile phone and so on. children do not know the game that familiarizing his brothers a few years ago.

2. form a world unto itself and making people forget about their environment

presence of Internet technology is an extension of the sophistication of computer technology. Internet has been able to create a life space barriers between the real world and the virtual world. led users to continue to be engrossed in a virtual world which eventually forget the role, functions and its main task in the real world. many of us who prefer to enjoy the world of facebook every day, rather than visiting and bersilahturrahim with neighbors and the people around us that the real world

3. trigger crime

sophistication of computer technology also triggers various kinds of crime. as an example of a crime arising from the virtual world internet.


Dwi Hutomo K


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