As the times are so fast, without us knowing we’ve entered an era full of sophistication and ease. Many people are trying to create or develop some thing to ease their work. Especially the IT world that its development is very rapid compared to other fields.

             In a lot of the times this is complex work can be solved using the IT that makes a computer a necessity in the scope of work, especially in offices, banks, national defense, education, and others.

             One of the most in need in the IT world is the internet which can be

connects us to others without boundaries and distances. In the internet we can look for information, transactions, and other socializing.

             Therefore, the development of the Internet in the absence of a strong network security is the danger because, many parties will be disadvantaged, especially in the banking and defense.

             In this virtual world many criminals who use them to carry out the action from identity theft, burglary savings, and other drug trafficking. 

            Norton Cybercrime Report 2012 based on technology of today have adapted and evolved and have an impact on the security of many people. The study was conducted on 13,018 people in 24 countries Norton software users with the results of cyber crime that has been detrimental to consumers of 110 billion dollars U.S. annually of which 42% of them because 17% due to fraud and theft.

             Examples of cyber crime is Brute Force and Dictionary attacks are going to break into the data base id and password the victim, Denial of Service that will disrupt a network so that the server to crash and could not respond to the information, MAC address spoofing MAC address that will steal us to knowing that the information in the allotment of others, and much more.

             This is a challenge facing our country in the times in this digital era. In this digital era Indonesia should strengthen its Internet network security cyber crime could be solved.

             Indonesia should establish a special division in both the Police and the Department of Defense to combat the cyber crime. The government should also be working with the hackers so as to help maintain network security in Indonesia and the hackers are not using the knowledge possessed to commit crimes in cyberspace.

             In addition to doing things like that mentioned above, the government should also socialize in the community on how to surf is good to be able to utilize the Internet as a source of information and protected from various kinds of fraud on the internet. Especially for parents who have children who use the internet have to control their children in areas that are not open internet sites that are not beermanfaat like pornography and other porn sites.

             In the mengawasan we could use a proxy either through subscription or create your own sehigga we can filter the information according to which we expect without having to control one by one haraus activities undertaken

             In addition to problems related to the Internet is still a lot of IT development is a challenge for the independence of the State Indinesia technology that can enhance our competitiveness in international eyes by technological progress of a nation can also be used as booster power diplomacy of a country like America that has technology advanced so they admired and needed by many countries so that the marketability of diplomacy.





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