How to Upgrade Your Computer Operating System

There may be good reasons to upgrade your computer operating system (OS), especially if you are still using outdated system on your PC. You could decide to upgrade your operating system to a newer version or even completely to a different one or just to have a completely new version of a particular one.

Each time the world’s most recognized computer companies comes up with a new version of operating system, so many people always wonder if they should change their present OS. Whatever decision you take is completely up to you. But you should never forget that to UPGRADE your now older version is going to cost you extra money, especially when the new version is still new in the market.

You should never forget that Older computer operating system can’t just handle the new OS, mainly due to size and compatibility requirements. So you do need to think of this first. Let’s say you’ve got a PC with only 512 megabytes of memory, you certainly won’t be able to upgrade Windows 98 to a newer version with much success.

It is easy to Upgrade your computer operating system than most people think. But the first thing you must have to do is to save all your existing data just in case your Upgrade fails to work. Lots of downloadable programs are available on the web today that can assist you in doing this. Norton Ghost and SOS Backup are just two of them.

To Upgrade your older version on your computer with the new Operating System after backing up all your original system files, simply insert the disc which normally comes with every new computer operating system. Your Upgrading will instantly begin. You may have to answer few simple questions that’ll come up on your screen whenever they appear. Bear in mind that Upgrading your system do take a lot of time. So be ready to waste that time while waiting for the installation to complete and never turn off your computer while this is still in progress.

After installing the new software, just have some fun playing around with it. If it fails to satisfy your test or requirements, you can still remove the new OS. Just use the Backup Disc to reinstall your system to the older Operating System. Don’t forget that any existing software you had on your computer must be reinstalled after upgrading your system.


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