Virus Definition and Types of Viruses

What is a virus? Virus or worm is a computer program that can be spread on a computer or a network by making a copy of itself without the knowledge of the computer user. Viruses can cause harmful effects, for example ranging from displaying messages, steal data or even control your computer remotely.

There are 3 Categories Computer Viruses that attack type

1) Boot virus = virus that attacks your computer system is booting, so turned on they will block the virus into your system OS (windows) when pressed enter then your comp will shutdown. Examples of this virus is Wyx

2) Macro Viruses = This virus usually affects your data that doc extension. xls, jpg, generally programs MS Words, Excel, or images. The virus usually like to change the icon words, the writing in the form kotak2 words, exclamation marks, question marks and eventually die out. fluburung example, love, hammer, etc. jangkaru Riyani

3) Virus Network = virus is a virus that is most dangerous, they will attack the virus computer networks connected to the internet dg. spread very fast and sometimes block the internet connection, or via e-mail. roro eg, love letters, etc.
How the virus infects a computer? A virus must first be executed before it is able to infect a computer. There are various ways that this virus is executed by the victim, for example, by attaching itself to another program. There are also viruses that way when you open a particular file type. Sometimes viruses also exploit vulnerabilities that exist on your computer (either the operating system or application), by making use of these things can go viral and then will spread itself automatically.
You also can receive a file that has been infected with the virus in e-mail attachments. Once you run the file, the virus code will run and begin to infect your computer and can also spread to all the files on your computer network.

Trojan horse
Trojan horse is a program that looks like a valid program or normal, but in fact it took a code with functions that are very harmful to your computer.
For example, virus DLoader-L comes from an e-mail attachment and is considered as an update program from Microsoft for Windows XP operating system. If you run it then he would download the program and will utilize your computer to connect your computer to a particular website. The target is of course to make the website had become overloaded and eventually can not be accessed properly by the other party. This is often called the denial of service attacks or DoS.
Trojan viruses can not spread as fast as horses do not make copies of itself automatically. But in line with the development of the virus, the trojan horse to work with in terms of spreading the virus. Viruses can download the trojan that records your keystroke or steal the information on your computer. On the other hand, the trojan also used to infect a computer with a virus.

Worm can be said to be similar to viruses but worms do not require a carrier in this program or a document. The worm is able to make copies of itself and use the network communication between computers to spread itself. Many viruses such as MyDoom or Bagle worm working properly and using e-mail to forward itself to other parties.

What can be done by a virus?

Viruses often bother you or stop your computer working when needed. In line with developments in the world of computer viruses to date the effects of this virus has been more and more, namely:

* Slow e-mail
The virus can be spread through e-mail, such as Sobig virus, and were able to make the e-mail traffic is very large which of course will make the server becomes slow or even crash. Even if it does not happen, companies have been troubled by this incident will also turn off the server anyway.

* Stealing Data konfidental
Bugbear worm-D example, you can record keystroke, including passwords and so forth. Recordings were usually will be sent to the creator of the virus to be exploited further.

* Using your computer to attack a site
MyDoom for example, he infects many computers around the world to attack the SCO website with huge data traffic. It will make the site would be tremendous burden and will eventually crash and can not serve other users. This is sometimes referred to denial of service.

* Allowing others to hijack your computer
Some put a trojan backdoor virus on the computer and it will make the virus creator can connect the computer to secretly and can be utilized further in accordance with her wishes.

* Destructive Data
Compatable virus for example, can make changes to the data that you store on MS Excel documents.

* Deleting Data
Virus Sircam example, trying to delete or overwrite your hard drive at any given time is not unexpected.

* Disable hardware
CIH or Chernobyl virus for example, trying to overwrite the BIOS chip on the 26th of April and will make your computer become dysfunctional.

* Raises things strange and disturbing
Netsky-D worm virus for example, can make the computer beep spontaneously or suddenly for several hours.

* Displays a message
Cone-F virus for example, will display a message if the political nature shows in May.

* Damaging Your credibility
If the virus forwards itself from your computer to your customer’s computer or computer business associates, then it will damage your reputation as an organization, and they will no longer want to continue the business relationship with you or even demanding compensation from you.

* Make your shame
Virus PolyPost example, will post your name on the document and pornography newsgroups.
So first up writing the first part of the computer virus, particularly discussing the introduction of computer viruses and the effects thereof. Hopefully useful for all my friends.

Dwi Hutomo K


6 thoughts on “Virus Definition and Types of Viruses

  1. PERTAMAXXX (1) !!
    I think the viruses is very disturbing my computing work >,<

  2. of course virus disturbing you laptop, you don’t have any antivirus -.-

  3. yes, virus is very disturbing. I’ve been there. I lost important data because virus attack and it makes me frustrated. >,<

  4. a winner to fight viruses bully who likes to disrupt the computer work. (**)^

  5. i think virus is interesting ^_^

  6. Virus is bad. I hate virus. Virus has destroy my computer system. If i can destroy virus from this world, I will did it since i born in this world. Thank you for the information, now I know many type of virus.

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