firefighting robot

firefighting robot

OLE (stands for “Off-road Loeshenheit”, which means “fire-fighting equipment off-road” in German) is a product of the industrial design studio University of Magdeburg-Stendal. The robot is equipped with water tanks and fire extinguishers – served as an extinguishing agent, OLE propelled and guided by GPS, intelligence taste, infrared and heat sensors. Professor Ulrich Wohlgemuth design, along with biologists and robotic systems manager Oliver Lange, students and members of the firm Transluszent, incorporated in 1 concept, inspired by Armadillidium vulgare.

 OLE is coated with a layer of fire-retardant. The robot has six legs that have protective resemblance. Used instead of wheels for feet when using the wheel, there will always be in contact with the ground, while the principle of using the foot was digging and he was near heat. The legs are not always in contact with the heat and 6 feet is very suitable for the amount due OLE OLE produce stability and facilitate the movement of counting dots.

 There are 2 ways OLE perform the task. First, put the robot on a potential point near the town and the campground area. Second, conduct surveillance in the forest, looking for a spark. Wohlgemuth said OLE is made of ceramic refractory fiber derived from the compound that can have a temperature resistance of up to 1,850 º F. The OLE worth $ 125,000 and $ 200,000 and weighs between 150 to 200 pounds. In this case, if there are people who want to steal one of them from the forest, a GPS beacon on board can be used to track it down.

 Forest fire experts are very receptive to OLE, with a belief that it would be troops better than the firefighters. Margaret Simonson, fire investigators at the SP Technical Research Institute in Sweden, said that the robot will be very well used to direct the air – which would defeat the firefighting crew. And Henrik Bygbjerg from the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology doubt this robot can keep everything that is near the fire.

 There are no plans to mass-produce OLE, but the designers believe that it would be more practical than it sounds. European fire burning fire around 1:25 million m² per year. With these figures, an effective effort in the control of the robot to fire began to sound attractive with price range close to the selling price of OLE.





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