Disposal of Old Computer Safely

old computer

Are you wondering what to do with old computers? Disposal of old computers can be a complicated task, especially because the procedure is safe and proper disposal is not as simple as throwing the computer into the trash. Personal computer contains a lot of information about the owner, and not all components of a home computer is safe for the environment. This guide provides information about various old computer disposal options, so while enjoying a new computer, you can enjoy it in peace and comfort.

The things to keep in mind:

  • Identity theft is a very real risk when you dispose of a computer, but if you are careful and did not leave any information that can be identified on the hard drive of the computer. Computer programs that meet Department of Defense standards for the elimination of information already available, you can also read more about computer security from the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the Code of Sanitation Media.
  • Many people choose to get rid of an old computer hard drive just before the throw. Never assume that your information has been successfully removed except when using software or physical removal to get rid of the drive.
  • Computers contain harmful substances, so do not just throw your old computer into the trash. National Geographic magazine to illustrate environmental hazardous components in a color-coded guide outlining seven different toxic substances. Many waste disposal companies that prohibit the discharge of old computers through regular waste collection, so that alternative methods may be required. This is one good reason to consider the environment when you make a choice.
  • Do not throw away old computers without considering the components that can be recycled. Even if the need to upgrade the system, mouse, keyboard, monitor and other hardware may not be compatible with your new machine. Not only is this a great way to save money when buying a new computer, but also reduce unnecessary waste and making disposal computers become faster and easier because fewer materials are to be removed.


Positive methods of disposal of old computer:

  • Consider donating your old computer to a school or local library, which might be in desperate need of an extra engine. It allows you to give back to the community, and donations can reduce your taxes you can also contact the non-profit groups, such as Computer organization With Causes that donate computers, laptop and iPad * for distribution to global education programs, community centers, Veterans program and much more.
  • Recycling centers often have special programs for the disposal of old computers and other technological waste. This option helps reduce computer waste in landfills, and ensure that dumped toxic components in an adequate way.
  • A number of small businesses that deal with computer sales, repair and service offering trade-in program for old obsolete computers are still functioning. These programs often give in store credit or cash to buy a personal computer. Knowing how to get rid of an old computer in exchange for money can help you finance the purchase of your new computer while safely get rid of the old.
  • If you prefer to give the method for disposal of old computer and want to make sure your computer is used by people in need, why not consult with friends and family before donating or recycling your machine? As an alternative, you can look at the free classifieds website, like Freecycle and Craigslist, to individuals in your community who need a personal computer. Previously, make sure to get rid of your hard drive or delete personal information before you give your machine.

Apry Nur Sudi Yanto (125150300111030)


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