how to Give Access to Your Gmail Account Without Sharing Password

you might that this a bit strange title

but there is sometimes when you can be absent or in some vacation andyou want from a friend to login into your gmail account but without having to give him the password  For more security

And For this purpose, Google has managed to provided a feature that will help you add guests to your Gmail and give all the authorities in the management of your Gmail account or as as well as some other Google services but without the possibility of penetration /Hacking and change your password change.


it’s a very simple way simply enter your Google account click on Settings as in the picture , Then go to the accounts and import and click on add another account After you enter the Gmail guest account,



Message will reach the other side for the acceptance of the addition, where after acceptance must wait approximately 30 minutes in order to allow him to manage your account, so just by clicking on the image visitor (guest) in the mail box the choose to log on to your account,



So the guest will be able to read and reply to messages in addition tomanaging other Google services associated with your account.






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