Nano Retina’s Bio-Retina

Nano Retina’s Bio-RetinaNano Retina’s Bio-Retina 1

Now the blind man seems able to breathe, as it has found a tool called the Bio-Retina that allow blind people to see again.
Bio-Retina itself stands Bionic Retina, which was developed by Nano Retina. Nano Retina, Inc. is developing an ultra small, easy to implant, artificial retina designed to restore sight. Bio-Retina will bring millions of the blind into the light to experience the splendors of life.

Bio Retina is an artificial retina that is placed into a blind eye, then the eyes of the blind could see again.
Bio Retina will replace the damaged retina, and the image processor in it will capture the image seen then forwarded on to the brain.
Bio retina is due to an electronic device, the Bio-Retina also need a refill. And that is unique refill is done with special glasses that will recharge the battery in the bio-retina through infrared technology.
Bio-Retina scheduled to be sold at a price of U.S. $ 60,000, and the Bio-Retina new plan will be tested immediately in 2013.

How Bio Retina Works

Nano Retina’s Bio-Retina 2

Bio-Retina is designed to replace the damaged photoreceptor in the eye with the equivalent of a 500 pixel (first generation) or 2,000 pixel (second generation) retinal implant.

Bio-Retina transforms naturally received light into an electrical signal that stimulates the neurons, which send the pictures received by Bio-Retina to the brain.

Bio-Retina works harmoniously with the natural functionalities of the eye, including pupil dilation and eyeball movement.

Patients will be able to look from side to side with their eyes rather than needing to turn their heads, as required by competing technologies.

A rechargeable, battery – powered mini laser, situated on a pair of eyeglasses, efficiently powers the implant wirelessly.

Apry Nur Sudi Yanto (125150300111030)


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  1. waow,,,,,
    a very great discovery
    possible with this technology everyone can see the beauty of the world but it certainly was very expensive
    This is a new problem that is very fundamental in the community

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