The top 5 coolest and funniest computer pranks

We All love Computer Pranks And specially The Good ones , except if you are the victim of this prank then I guess Not !

Well today is your lucky day to improve your computer pranking skills , to help you prove that you are the best , and also avoid getting pranked by others

of course we can use the old and silly computer tricks that are all over the Internet  , just like the Blue Screen Trick Or Something Like That , But We Are Not regular people we must use our Computer Geeks Skills and try to get Some Great ideas ! we will also talk about Some Other Old Pranks Too but with some twists and little bit of  curls


computer Prank 1 : Making PC type the word “SPACE” hitting the space bar


This Prank Will drive Your Friend Crazy Trying To figure What is going on

The trick is actually pretty simple it’s all about creating and autohotkey :

  • Create a new autohotkey script
  • add those two line



  • save it
  • right click on the script and compile it
  • watch the fun !!

Computer Prank 2 : Create a Shutdown Shortcut that Looks like a Folder


I guess this is the most easiest and simplest ways between those computer pranks

  • create a shortcut to “shutdown.exe ” on the desktop
  • change the icon to a regular folder

If you want to changer the time For The shutdown

shutdown -s -t 1925000 -c “System error: overloaded porn folder”

If the victim Is using Windows Xp  ,the feeling is respectable and spectacular,and you can have many fun with the shutdown time… on Windows 7  it’s a bit different The sign won’t be obvious but still see something that will confuse the victim .Image


Computer Prank 3 : Stick a Message Into their System Clock


We’ve covered this before, but you can easily stick custom text into the clock that sits in the taskbar—and most people won’t have a clue how to switch it back. Just head into Control Panel –> Region and Language –> Additional Settings –> Time, and change the AM or PM symbols to whatever you want. 

Computer Prank 4 : Set the Mouse Pointer to Look Always Busy (to Make Their PC Look Like It’s Hanging)


Nice and simple, but oh so fun! Just head into Control Panel –> Mouse –> Pointers and change the Normal pointer to the busy one. They’ll think their computer is hanging all the time, but it’s really not. For extra fun, you could make the mouse pointers gigantic.


Computer Prank 5 : The Old-School Favorite: Move the Desktop Icons, Take a Screenshot, Set as the Wallpaper


Most geeks have done this at some point in their career, because it’s both simple and irritating, especially for somebody who isn’t expecting it. The basic principle works one of a couple of ways:

  1. Take a screenshot of the desktop with the icons where they are, set it as the wallpaper, and then hide the desktop icons.
  2. Move the desktop icons around, or create bogus icons, take a screenshot, and then set it as the wallpaper. This way some icons work, and some don’t.
  3. Take the screenshot of the desktop, and then hide the taskbar below the bottom of the screen before setting the wallpaper (this only works on XP). Even better: flip the image upside down before doing it.

The result looks something like the image above, assuming you followed the second idea and created a folder on the desktop that they’d be sure to notice right away. They’ll keep clicking, but nothing will happen.

Bonus computer pranks ? Combine this with the shutdown shortcut so when they do figure it out and try and open the folder… it’ll give them the shutdown prank too!








4 thoughts on “The top 5 coolest and funniest computer pranks

  1. wkwkwkwkwk,,,,,,,
    very funny until my neigboar’s cat laughing too heheheh,,,,,,,
    just kidding (*_*)^
    good post !!!!!

  2. heuheuheu, wkwkwkwk
    thank you for reading, have your cat tried this prank ?

  3. make no mistake
    The cat has gadged
    but it is not my cat but my neighbor’s cat
    maybe I will have a cat that is more powerful than that cat

  4. i was prank my grandma and God damn she was in hospital. You must give me your responsibility, im serious.. 😦

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