What is BIOS ? And When it should be updated and when should not !


BIOS is an abbreviation of the phrase (basic input output system) when you boot your computer The BIOS starts to engage what’s called “Post” where it starts examines each computer components and if it happens that BIOS found some it alerts you depending on the severity of this error like

  • shutting the computer down
  • or releasing the sounds of rings



Also Each Brand have it’s own signal meaning and to check it you can by the company’s official website .


When we should not update the BIOS


The BIOS is not some sort of a huge program that comes with his updates some new features or fix some Bugs . The Case of updating The BIOS comes only when you want to put some new some new device and your motherboard doesn’t support

Updating your BIOS is not easy as you thing because

  • you’ll need to work in the Dos environment
  • you’ll need a 100% exact match for your computer and his component
  • you must make sure that you won’t have a Separation of electricity otherwise you’re computer will be ‘ bricked ‘ and you might need a new motherboardImage




When You should do an update For BIOS


Despite the many dangers of updating BIOS, this update can be done in only two situations:

  • In case you are experiencing errors in your system, the BIOS update may help you remove them by finding version compatible with the components of your computer.
  • Most of the Old motherboards doesn’t support some of the news devices .for example you have a motherboard that produced in the year 2008 and you want to mount A processor Core I3 the motherboard won”t recognize it until you update BIOS







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