13 Reasons Why Many People says Windows Vista is Bad

1. Users are puzzled. Since the beginning, users complained about the many versions of Vista were sold. Who needs all these variants? All it takes is a simple version (Home) and a version that has all the features (Pro). This confusion seems to happen because there is no Microsoft employees who understand marketing strategy.


2. Size of the source code. Too big, so it takes a lot of memory space PC users.


3. Slow. This is because the very large size of the Source Code


4. Component – component missing. WinFS, the file system and the promised one of the main pillars of Vista does not come with Vista. File system development started in 1991, and it remains unresolved. Why?


5. Laptop battery wastage. This should be fixed with a separate source code and hybrid hard drive (HHD). However, current users still have to use a very expensive SSD.


6. HHD. Some users are still very upset when told by the HD industry that gains new generation of hard disk (HD) will “make all users to move to Vista.” This was announced two years ago, and until now there is still no sequel. Guesses about this product is not going to work well, and are still not able to resolve this issue.


7. Vista Capable stickers false. Campaign “Windows Vista Capable” Microsoft is a huge marketing failure. Many computers are sold with the sticker “Windows Vista Capable” that turned out to not be able to operate Vista.


8. Look not so proud. This is because since there is little change in appearance so do not look “well” for the size of New Products from a large company such as Microsoft


9. Drivers are minimal. It is surprising that all existing Windows drivers in XP are not compatible with Vista. What happened?


10. There is no consistent advice to users, and Microsoft did not intervene. Some people say that you should buy a new computer with Vista and do an upgrade from XP, some say the upgrade should be done. Microsoft should make a special website that can test the computer from the internet and advise users whether they should buy a new computer, or upgrade.


11. Marketing responsibilities. Unlike previous versions of Windows release, Microsoft Vista is not much market. Although there are a few posters and TV commercials for Vista, Vista marketing launch can not be compared with some previous versions, where they managed to get the attention of people around the world.


12. XP mania. All people love XP, and want to keep this OS. This makes Vista look even worse. What’s more, a lot of reports that users re-use XP after trying Vista.


13. Overall performance. You are not supposed to put out a new OS developed for more than four years with a worse performance than the previous OS. Performance should be a top priority.


2 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why Many People says Windows Vista is Bad

  1. it’s true,but i think windows vista have some strenght than another operating system like,
    1.Windows Vista security protection when browsing the internet more secure
    2.Smaller risk of data loss due to better cache mode untuk removable strorage
    3.Vista can read the media by using the exFAT file system,and others

  2. really excellent beneficial article

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