7 It should be Microsoft Fix in Windows 8

windows 8

In June 2013, Microsoft will release a major update for Windows 8 called Windows Blue. With this renewal, expected the company founded by Bill Gates is going to fix a lot of things related to the operating system.

As we know, Windows 8 a lot of criticism due to its consumer difficulties. But U.S. companies still have a chance to fix it. Here’s a summary of the seven things that need to be fixed in Windows 8:


1. Boot to Desktop Mode on Laptops and Computers

Windows 8 should distinguish between software running on a tablet with a touch screen (touchscreen), laptop or computer. Because, if it is not a touchscreen, it should default to the Desktop mode looks like Windows 7 where, allowing all users to select the mode to boot (turn on the computer process) by default, the Start Screen (Windows 8) or Desktop (Windows 7).

2. Bring Back The ‘Start’

Desktop Mode in Windows 7 has a ‘Start’ button at the bottom left of the screen to bring up a variety of menu options. While Windows 8 is not contained in this button, so many users are grumbling because it takes time to find the menu.

3. Adjustment Charm Bar

Charm Bar is a menu in Windows 8, which lets you perform basic tasks like searching for any application (searching) or sharing (sharing). Microsoft is expected to allow users to move the Charm bar to the other side of the screen or make it look permanently in the ‘Start’ as you wish.

4. Every movement switching between applications

In some ways Windows 8 difficult for users to find multiple applications are opened. You have to move applications from one another to switch to other apps running.

A little glimpse, Windows Blue will fix the “Snap” is thus capable of displaying four application windows that are currently running.

5. Better instructions Movement

Windows 8 has a lot of motion control including, but in fact most users think of this method bothersome they are looking to find the application.

6. The addition of Applications in Windows 8

Currently Windows Store already has approximately 60 thousand applications. However, some of the main applications that are widely used as Facebook does not include them. So instead of the large number of applications available in Windows 8, but rather to supply the desired application users. Hopefully in Windows Blue who will be attending Microsoft was able to persuade developers to build apps on the platform according to the user needs.

7. Make it easy for Applications Closing Process

Microsoft says you do not need to close apps in Windows 8 because they do not drain the battery and the operating system will eventually shut it down automatically. But, to close an app, you need to wait until the image when the cursor is in the hands of most of the screen first and then pulled down the screen.


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