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Well, a few days ago I attended a seminar about cloud computing pack with speaker Mr. On Lee, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at GDP Venture. Therefore, this time I want to review about what cloud computing is and what are the benefits of cloud compting. Okay, let’s discuss.

The Internet has changed the way we communicate and bring a paradigm shift in the way information around the world.

In the past, the nature of the Internet primarily as a store of information or a giant library with open access to global. Today, the internet has been moved to the next level through what is referred to as cloud computing (cloud computing).

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing refers to the availability of all the computing resources via the Internet. A computer or mobile device connected to the network cloud computing (cloud computing) will have all the data and programs that can be connected to hosting any time and anywhere with the user. This means that users can connect to cloud computing data and program their own home internet connection. Rather than install a program or store data on your own computer, you can access the same program as a web service application that can be accessed through a web browser. Thus, every user accessing and storing their data on cloud servers. Cloud computing gives users the freedom to access their work from anywhere provided they are connected to the internet. Cloud computing became possible as the increase in the speed of internet connectivity. Google is one of the major players in the cloud computing business and aggressively promote this concept worldwide.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has a good prospect, especially when viewed from its economic benefits. Instead of buying expensive software, companies can save money by selecting a cloud computing service instead. That’s because, cloud computing is an evolution of the potential of computing and the internet can be used to not only share information but also services. All allocation of resources in cloud computing become possible through the concept of ‘Application Programming Interface’ or API that makes the interaction between computer programs of different platforms becomes possible. One example of cloud computing applications is a feature of Google Docs. Cloud computing will optimize the use of resources. Many companies prefer a cloud computing solution for reducing costs and providing the most optimal computing solutions. Thank You Muhlis Agung Saputro_125150300111022


One thought on “Cloud Computing

  1. This great post to remind us of the seminar yesterday hosted by Mr. On Lee probably most of the audience yesterday much less attention on the material so that they do not understand about the material presented. this post is very helpful. good idea !!!
    LINTANG 125150300111023

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