The development of science and technology to the learning process is a source of learning and media diperkayanya health. Media used in computers because it provides health benefits not shared by other health media is the ability of computers to interact individually with students.

Computer developments to date very rapidly, prior to computers like today, 5000 years ago in a small Asian man found a tool called Abacus and regarded as the beginning of the computer. In 1642, Blaise Pascal found nomerik wheel calculator to help his father make tax calculations. But this tool has a weakness, which is only limited to the sum. Hamacher own computer interpreted as a fast electronic calculating machine and can accept digital input and then process it in accordance with the stored program dimemorinya and generate output information. According Nasotion (2001), computers are divided into several generations. That is the first generation (1953-1958), second generation (1958-1966), the third-generation (1966-74), fourth generation (1974 to 1982), and the fifth generation (1982-present). With the development of increasingly sophisticated, so until now many perceived benefits in many areas of life. One of the benefits of computers is in healthcare, warehouses etc. eg temperature gauges (temperature), or changes in temperature. Computers that we use to measure the temperature with a thermometer we call. Advancement of information and communication technology is also useful in education, one of which is a computer-assisted learning, the use according to Sudjana and Rival (1989) there are few computer-assisted learning model, which models and practical exercises (drill and practice), the discovery of models (problem solving) , and the model of the game (games).

Said media itself comes from the Latin which is the plural form of the word “medium” which means “introductory or intermediary”, thus can be interpreted that the media is a vehicle for channeling information about health.

Lay Kit Bourne (1985: 82) states that “the use of the media do not have to bring all the news package, students can keep an eye on the news enough.” Of the opinion that they could be linked to the delivery of the subject matter of communication still felt the deviation of understanding by students. The problem is that too many students receive science with something verbal. Moreover, the learning process does not use the media in which the student is not ready condition, will increase the odds of occurrence of verbal. Fortunately in our campus is using media that can help us in the lecture, so we are always ready to receive eye lectures delivered by our lecturers.

Targeted use of media is that mahsiswa able to create something new and be able to take advantage of something that has been there for use with forms and other variations useful in his life. Thus they are easily understood and understanding the subject matter presented by the lecturer to them.




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