Music has been a vital part of most people in this world. Recognized or not, his presence has brought a change in lifestyle. The music industry was transformed into a very lucrative place for the creative industries in the field of music. In a band, the presence of the following personnel aspects in it becomes very important and must be considered, both in terms of non-physical (cohesiveness, commitment and loyalty) as well as in physical form (appearance and music devices). Regarding the latter point, a guitarist as part of the band members are required to always look for inspiration to use a tool that is typical of his guitar, be it of the type of acoustic and electric (electric guitar) to subsequently poured into a song. At present, the development of technology has penetrated into all areas of the guitar is no exception in the following equipment. A variety of well-known brands such as Fender, Ibanez, ESP, Gibson, Jackson etc. abuzz market their products. Today, digital fever has entered the music industry in this case is the guitar. If during the time we get to know the model 6 string guitar with nylon strings or as a source of sound, there is now a technological breakthrough for guitar without strings called Misa Digital Kitara.


             Kitara is a digital guitar made by Misa Digital Instruments. The latest technology is a guitar without strings like a guitar shaped like a general who also has a 24 fret. Uniquely, this instrument has no strings on the body. And what it might say? Calm down… As expressed earlier that this is a digital guitar. To replace the string function on each fret has invested six useful buttons execute the desired tone. Moreover, in other parts of the body that is the place that we use to strum the strings have embedded a touch screen 8 “which is used to pluck a guitar string. Therein Software also offers advanced features which we can choose different sounds because there are 100 unique digital sound that can played with six different types of sound effects, of course, with variations of the game. Together these tools we are free to experiment creating unique tones as they pleased.


               There are two variants of this product is offered Kitara made from ABS Polymer for U.S. $ 849 or Kitara Limited Edition at a price of U.S. $ 2,899 made from Aluminium. Given the price range that far adrift of both, the company gave a bonus for each purchase Photobook Kitara Limited Edition, which contains the history of Kitara journey from the initial idea to tangible products digital guitar that is ready to be played. In addition to the all-digital concept, this tool also has the advantage of ease of standardization because the tone can be set automatically so we do not need to bother pull-pull strings like a guitar in general.




  1. WAW ! it’s amazing ! Now is digital music period ! \m/

  2. maybe someday, there will be strings without guitar 😀

  3. wow,,,,,,
    superb technology,,,,,
    I can not imagine what the price of one guitar like that

  4. awesome!
    hopefully not just in the guitar, but also can be applied to other traditional musical instruments

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