LOCKITRON : Locks and unlocks doors using cellphones


Lock has been used since ancient Roman era (500 BC) as the key of the door inmates, castle gate, box of valuable things, and others. Along with the times, these locking technologies have been developed. Starts with number combined lock, hexagonal lock, to the brand new one, smartphone based lock called Lockitron.

As its motto “keyless entry using your phone”, Lockitron is an advanced locking system which utilizes your smartphone technology as the key to unlock it. This technology was founded by Cameron Robertson and Paul Gerhardt on September 19 last year.

Lockitron is simple and easy to use by everyone and every kind of mobile phone. This locking system uses a box that attached behind your door called Lockitron box which controlled by your smartphone. For iOS users, you can simply download the controlling application AppStore for free. This application is also available on PlayStore for Android. What if we only have common mobile phone which has no special features like smartphones? Don’t worry, because we can still use Lockitron via SMS. Lockitron via SMS also can use by smartphone which located in a low signal area.

There are many reasons why you have to use this new technology. You can unlock your door by bring your smartphone closer to the Lockitron box. Lockitron box will automatically unlock because it uses Near Field Communication (NFC) based with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. One of the uniqueness of Lockitron is the ability to share access to your closest person to be able to open your door. Other advanced features are Lockitron will show you the locking status information, Lockitron box power status, and locked or unlocked status. If you have an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, Lockitron will work even if the internet or power go out. It also has special sensor which would detect a knocking vibe if there is someone knocking your front door. All of these notifications automatically will send to you as the users.

Unlike lost keys which anyone can use to unlock your door, in the event you lose your phone you can disable its access by resetting your account password. Never worry about changing your locks again.

Lockitron is perfect for you who love to hang out or very busy. Now you can order this lock on Lockitron website with $149 or around Rp.1.300.000. To have this Lockitron you should be patient, because this remarkable lock is being sent on this month and we should wait for a while in Indonesia. However, not all types of doors can use Lockitron. You can check the type of door that is supported Lockitron on their website.


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