Topology Networ

Topology is a way to connect a computer with another computer so that can make a network. Way this time widely used is the Bus, Token-Ring, and Star Network. Each topology have strength and weakness.

  1. Topology Bus

In the bus topology is used a single cable or cable in center where all workstations and servers are connected

topology bus


  • Saving kabel
  • Simple Wiring layouts
  • Network development or adding new workstations can be done easily without disturbing other workstations


  • Fault detection and isolation very small
  • Density of traffic on the main line
  • Weaknesses of  this topology are when there is interference in the cable along the center of the whole network will be impaired
  • Required repeater for long distance
  1. Topology Token Ring

In the ring topology all workstations and servers connected forming a pattern of circles or rings. each workstation or the server will receive and pass information from one

computer to another, if the address is appropriate the information is received and when the information is not will be passed.

topology token ring

Weaknesses of  this topology is each node in the network will always participate and manage the information that is passed in the network, so if there is a disruption in the entire network node will be disrupted.

Advantage of a ring topology is not the collision or collision transmission of data such as bus topology, since only one node can transmit data at a time

  1. Topology Star

In topology star, each workstation is connected directly to server or hub. Advantage of this topology is there’s separate cable for each workstation to server, then bandwidth will more wide so then will increase overall network performance. And, if there is an interruption in the cable path interference will only occur within the communication between the workstation is concerned with the server, the network as a whole is not impaired. The weakness of the star topology is the need larger cable than other topologies.

topology star


  • Flexible
  • Installation / change station is very easy and does not interfere with other parts of the network
  • centralized control
  • Ease of detection and fault isolation / damage tissue management


  • Extravagant cable
  • Need special handling
  • Centralized control (HUB) so the critical element



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