Windows 8


Windows 8 is the name of the latest version of Microsoft Windows, a series of operating systems produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business computers, laptops, netbooks, tablet PCs, servers, and media center PCs. The operating system uses the ARM microprocessors in addition to the traditional x86 microprocessors from Intel and AMD. The user interface is modified to be able to use on touch screen devices other than a mouse and keyboard, so that Windows 8 is designed for touch tablet device.
Microsoft officially announced the release of its latest operating system schedule, Windows 8 on October 26, 2012, in conjunction with the launch of the first computers that use Windows 8.
Microsoft has released Preview Release version, to be tried in the whole world and in the capacity of their comments to the development of Windows 8, Microsoft is getting better now Enterprise has released Windows 8 to feature among the most complete version of Windows 8, such as the screen starts with option background and a lot more colorful.
On February 29, 2012 Microsoft has also released a Consumer Preview version before beta release in March 2012, Microsoft has also released Preview Release version, this is a trial version of the latest Windows 8, which will not be changed again if it does not find bugs that are too big.

In operation Windows 8 also has several advantages such as:

1. Improve tool that uses an optimal touch screen.
Windows 8, which has dubbed the Metro interface. And really optimized for touch with the appearance of a Windows Phone interface.

2. Support the ARM chip.
Windows 8 supports devices that use ARM chips infrastructure. It is expected to extend the reach of Windows 8 on tablets, given that most currently available tablets using ARM chips.

3. Short boot.
Boot Windows 8 in the demo only lasts 8 seconds. A much shorter time than in previous versions of Windows booting.

4. Windows 8 does not require a PC upgrade.
Microsoft stated that the computer can run Windows 7 can also run Windows 8 so that the user does not need to upgrade your PC. According to Microsoft, Intel Atom processor and 1 GB of RAM is enough to run this OS

5. App store “Windows Store”.
Windows 8 will have its own application store called Windows Store. Windows Store provides a wide range of applications that are optimized for Windows 8.

6. Supports NFC (Near Field Communications).
Windows 8 will support NFC, a technology which, among others, for their role in the digital financial transactions. Tablets that use Windows 8 will also likely automatically include this feature.


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