Computer Components – Know Your Computer Closer

cpu2Computer components inherent in the personal computer is an important thing that can be said to be the lifeblood of our computers. Without any one of the following components of the computer, the computer will not operate properly, even sometimes can not function at all. In order to keep your computer in good condition, it helps us to know more familiar computer components and their functions.

  • The main components of a computer

The first component we need to know is the motherboard. Motherboard is a hardware component or hardware the most important of all the other components; here’s where another important component installed, such as hard disk, processor, memory, and others. The processor is the part of a computer component that serves as the brain machinery. There is also a RAM which is a component that stores data temporarily in charge of the program being executed. Video card and sound card intocomponents computer-generated alter processed in the form of graphs into monitor and issued music through the speakers.

Still there are also other computer components such as hard disk as a data store, an optical disc drive as a CD player, and power supply as a source of electricity suppliers. Casing serves to protect and place laid some computer components. Not to mention the monitor, keyboard, and mouse as other computer components. All components – these components are the main components that must be present to be able to run the system on the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and provide output in the form of display on your monitor screen.915a03p8ekrsboardwk2

  • The supporting components of computer

LAN Card is one of the components of a computer system to connect your computer to other computers. Modem can be used to connect computers to the Internet network. Members of other computer components are used as the familiar USB port by connecting various computer gadgets.

Printer is in charge of printing computer files that have been processed, while the scanner is a tool for scanning documents, images, and photos to computer with ease. There is also a duty speaker emits sound card distributed by, and is often used as a bluetooth wireless network connection on limited time to share data among multiple computers and other gadgets.

What separates the components supporting the main components? The answer is about a sense of urgency. Without major computer components (if only partially) your computer will not run at all, while your computer without supporting components are still able to walk normally.

For example if you do not install the power supply then your CPU will not work at all because there is no power in and supplies energy to any existing components. Meanwhile, if you do not install the LAN, your computer will still continue as usual, only to lose its ability to connect you to the Internet.

Supporting computer components are often equated with computer accessories. These accessories not only to beautify your computer as well as other accessories, but for ease and soothe your work with the computer.

In terms of placement, most of the major components inside the casing and is very vulnerable to damage by shock or unstable power supplies, while supporting component is outside the CPU and more resilient because of its function as an external component. However, any difference, all the components of both the main computer and supporters alike to work to make your computer work optimally. Thank You

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