Finger Mouse, What is it?

Often our hands sore with activity in front of the computer after few hours. This is caused by the position of the mouse in the hand is reaching for a long time. Quite often it’s also a feeling of pain spread down the shoulders. If left unchecked, it will lead to pinched muscles in the wrist and thickened. In the long-term effects, can cause ankle empire can not be moved or even temporary paralysis called Carpal Syndrome. There are several ways to prevent them is to change the position of your hands regularly. Well, if we use a regular mouse, automatically when we do that, the work was also suspended for a while so it feels less efficient especially if the job is in a state of tight deadlines. Proper solution of all these problems is to use a finger mouse.


Finger Mouse is a mouse that can be installed in a finger and the cursor is moved through the laser. This mouse is a new innovation to replace the conventional mouse as we know in general. Specifications are as follows: – USB Interface – 1200 dpi – Plug and play, just plug directly use.

Flexible movement not only have to put on the right side (flat) computer. For example, when we type, we can use the mouse on the keyboard surface. When the presentation, the mouse can also replace the function of a laser pointer. This mouse can be used on almost all surfaces. The finger mouse is also quite agile easy handling  so with a little movement can reach big area. Finger mouse is suitable for you who long worked at the computer and usually presentation for your work.

To use the finger mouse is only  enter the elastic rubber band on your index finger, and then to move the pointer in any way you want, only move your index finger . For the left button, right button, and the scroll wheel can be used with your thumb.


4 thoughts on “Finger Mouse, What is it?

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  3. really excellent beneficial article

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