5 challenge in the IT world

Based on the description of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), the challenges facing society in which the use of the internet, government policy and business development so that the experts are asked to act.


In line with the way the internet is entering its fourth decade, IADS believe that the next five years should improve privacy protection, copyright laws, internet neutrality, openness and internet security.


The first challenge is the protection of privacy. Currently, cyberspace communities share many personal lives through social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Society also began more frequently storing digital data in cloud systems (cloud system) and mobile phones.


Although the information collected digitally can be personalized on the internet, but still, there is concern that such data can be collected and sold the other hand, reflect, and are used to the detriment of users.


IADS believe that the industry should take careful steps against myth privacy debate by setting global standards, providing transparency policies and educate internet users.


“For instance, Facebook is enveloped in the case of the utilization of user data without permission accountable for their actions are transparent to the public,” writes Business Insider media.


Currently, the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s ambition to expand the rights of privacy of users in the real world into a digital product to promote privacy protection technologies.


The second challenge is to modernize the Copyright Act. Copyright rules have been left behind far behind the technology curve. Audio, video, electronic books (e-books) and online articles can be duplicated and exchanged just by pressing one button. On the other hand, a policy strongly supports the product ownership in the digital world.


IADAS suggests Copyright Act is new and improved.


“To use the handy internet copyright rules needed high-potential, new and modern to reflect the relationship between technology and creativity,” wrote IADAS information.


For example, technology analyst Anil Dash notes that copyright infringement appears most prominently in the video mix song artists on YouTube. This work can be seen as a political statement about the collective public dissent. The Government should encourage the online political restructuring so that all levels of society is not harmed.


Creative Commons non-profit organization is currently developing support infrastructure and legal and technical processes to maximize creativity, innovation and the digital data exchange.


The third challenge is to ensure the neutrality of the internet. Internet neutrality proponents believe that the internet service provider (Internet service providers / ISPs) must treat all web traffic equally


Vint Cerf U.S. technology observers are regarded by many as the leading figures believe that the principle of neutrality of the internet can enhance the individual competition and innovation to create the best content and services.


“Too many rules make network operators to discriminate in favor of various kinds of services. It disrupts the various parties and put online activity as a control operator, “Cerf wrote.


What to do for the future are industry leaders and policy makers sit together to identify solutions to ensure the fair treatment of all Internet traffic. “However, these solutions must also provide sufficient flexibility for ISPs to manage networks and services efficiently,” wrote IADAS.


The fourth challenge is to maintain the openness of the web. Creator of the World Wide Web team Berners-Lee wrote diScientic American, “by designing protocols computers and software, the actual use of outside human control. We are entitled to choose a property that we want and do not. “


Unfortunately, the existence of social networks and mobile devices built with its own platform, Web verge of danger because it is in a fragmented environment. Participants warned existence IADAS mobile applications and social networks which tend to limit the power of the Web and communal interaction.


The fifth challenge is the power of internet security. Storing data online is very pleasant and efficient, but ease it has its own price. Appeared frightened in users facebook or internet banking data that their personal information could fall into the wrong hands.


Most of the examples are allegations that the Chinese government accused Google in early 2010 deploy user private data. The existence of Wikileaks website also shows how the personal data can be useful to other people in the community and leaked


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