Cause of broken Computer (hang)


Computers we have a hang sometimes make us upset and worried when we were doing the coursework of a sudden have a hang. Relax, I’ll help you solve the problem …..  could cause some problems caused by the following note


1. Computer experience excessive heat likely ignited too long or the CPU fan is not working or spinning rather slowly.


2. too many open applications so that the computer thinks is too heavy, causing hangs or the term deadlook.hehehe ….


3. Applications that we use does not match your hardware sample we play games that do not conform to the specifications of your computer because the game is too big for the weight of memory to run.


4. because virus, the virus can multiply how many million units, too much load your computer to accept the presence of the virus.


5. Incompatible antivirus, antivirus adjust to match the specifications of your computer big do not like computers we use AVG but lower specification eg use 512mb ram can make it hang.


Azhar Rasyid Hidayat



3 thoughts on “ Cause of broken Computer (hang)

  1. we need to study this
    because we are out of the system so that the computer should be able to fix the computer in any bad situation

  2. nice information
    this article can help us to know cause of our computer hangs so if we already know what the cause we do not have to worry anymore and can repair it yourself

  3. really excellent beneficial article

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