digital teachers

Being a teacher in the 21st century is different from the teacher in the late 20th century. In the digital era, as now, the teacher is no longer viewed the existence of charisma alone. More than that, how a teacher is able to communicate and adapt to the direction of the hands of time. Teachers in the digital age is requested to innovate and be creative, because the learning system of the 80s was not accepted by the students of today.

 Heartbreaking reality that occurs in our education is the advancement of age is not directly proportional to the advancement of teachers. We are still witnessing the reality that the contrast between teachers and pupils. Pupils already so advanced in digital climate, while teachers are still struggling in tektual.Guru tradition is still widely used product of the 80s, while students are wearing contemporary products. As a result, the student was radically different from the teachers, because a lot going on here and there ketidaknyambungan.

 We know that students are now no longer fit with the educational system of the 20th century. However, in the practical field, the teachers still do not understand this. Many of our teachers are very slow pace of modernization of education to pursue. What happens then is the student is able to receive timely information on a variety of multimedia sources, while many teachers often provide information with slow and of limited resources. The students love to see pictures, listen to music and see vidio first before seeing the text, while the teacher gives the text first. The students love doing activities berbarengaan at once, such as completing the task while listening to music from your iPod, while teachers tend to want to do one thing at a time.

 Pupils want to access multimedia information hyperlinks at random, while teachers prefer to provide information in a linear, logical, and straightforward. Pupils like intereksi simultaneously with many people, while the teacher wants his students to work independently. Pupils love learning relevant, interesting, and can be used immediately (instant), the teacher wanted to follow the curriculum and meet standards.

 This phenomenon seems to be a bitter pill to swallow us together. Stretching the virtual world today are more loved by our students make the teachers have to think twice to arrange the system of teaching that is relevant, innovative and adaptive.

 Just imagine, students now but to follow the matter face to faceterhadap teachers in school, they also have outstanding teachers potent in a virtual space, the “leader Google”. Google search engine is able to facilitate scientific inquiry very quickly and practically. Google created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1995 as reverse bulkhead limited information. Students can explore any information from all parts of the world without having to bercapek-tired. Just sit, “click”, in a matter of seconds you will see what you want.

 Moreover, the phenomenon of social networks like facebook and twitter. Emerging social networking community loved it also has the potential to shift the role of the teacher as an educator that one of its functions is to spread information and knowledge. Why not, through the virtual world, students are able to easily get along, consulted, exchanged and bersapa ria, and explore the relation of anyone passing catting services available.

 Therefore, the real condition of the 21st century is going to be a challenge or even a threat to the individual teacher. Therefore, teachers who come from the pre-digital world will face student kualahan digital age. The reality was the teacher will have difficulty in establishing effective communication with children. Because habits and learn how they are different. This is what often makes both sides, on the one hand students and teachers on the other hand, are equally frustrated.

 Bridge Revolution

Therefore, the education system is still stuck on the structural-bureaucratic authority should be addressed. Creativity and innovation a teacher should be raised. Master digital age must not follow a standard curriculum and rigid. Therefore, kenyatan of many ongoing learning system, teachers are still struggling in the middle of what is proposed by the government, where when teachers teach only fixated on the target and mechanistic rigid curriculum. Thus, we found many types of teacher curriculum, the teacher who saw a benchmark of success is centered on quantitative figures obtained in the course evaluation.

 This phenomenon certainly gives the sense that the existence of teachers from one side will have a threat, because the teacher will lose her job and abandoned. However, on the other hand, a lot of teachers actually had a chance if able to enhance the professionalism and capabilities.

 In other words, if the teacher can not fully entered the digital age, they can become a bridge revolution. Ie, by making himself as a motivator, which drives students to learning resources that can be accessed. As a dynamic factor, which monitors the students to develop creativity and imagination. And, as an evaluator and justifikator, which can assess and give notes, additional, pembendaharaan, and so the students’ findings.

 With this strategy, the teacher would not leave her. At least the teacher was able to survive while building potential and professionalism. Admittedly, in the digital information age and as it is now, as it is said Daniel Bell, life will be marked five tendencies.

 First, the tendency of the use of high-tech (high technology) and information communications technology in particular. Second, the trend of interdependence (interdependence). Third, the emergence of new imperial tendencies in the field of culture (new colonization in culture). That is, thinking (mindset) user community education shift. Fourth, the tendency to integrate with each other in the economic life and the tendency for each broken to pieces (fragmentation) in politics. Fifth, in the years medatang as a result will be born a new lifestyle that invites certain accesses.


Azhar Rasyid Hidayat



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  1. This is very useful for people who want to replace our beloved teachers ( digital system teachers) hehehehe,,,,,,
    just kidding (*_*)^

  2. really excellent beneficial article

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