Ethics When the Online

Internet presence – as well as the emergence of other technologies, has two opposite sides. On the one hand, if technology is used for good and in reasonable doses, it will greatly assist our work. But on the other hand, the technology used beyond the limits of time and emotions tend to use it, it will negatively impact hundreds upon us, even other people will be affected.

Likewise, when the era of internet multimedia platform into what is called Web 2.0. Where, Internet users can fully interact, using existing facilities. Not just commented but also post status reply, retweet Twitter and so on.

There have been many events and cases that happen around us as a result of negligence in maintaining the attitude netter and privacy that should still be upheld, although he said the Internet has been transformed into a wild jungle full of intrigue.

Well, so we do not become the next victim, it is necessary that we know some etiquette while online. Here are some of the ethical:

1. Distinguish between private space and public space

Reply to tweet what’s the difference in the city park in the room? No! Neither account owner nor a follower, does anyone know if it’s a re-tweet made where. This fact, to make sure a netter, so what should be included in the private domain, to be exposed to the general area.

The right of people to express frustration, as long as he did in a limited scope and in an elegant way. But when it comes to these things to others, and you meneriakkanya with such scorn in the middle of the field, how many people are annoyed with the attitude that you?

Let’s distinguish between private space with a public space. Do not advance the indiscriminate emotions.

2.Think before posting

Friends of Sound Internet community, campaigning jargon “Think before posting – Wise while whonline (www)”. What does he mean?

Yes, we sometimes lost interest to convey or express something, but forget to check, whether the post we will not make other people hurt. So, it is advisable to rethink before uploading the opinion or just a comment in a forum.

Life on the internet is very easy, just click enter, then do you think will soon spread to all corners of the world. If not wise, it will be ambushed later regret. So, think twice before posting and still wise for online.

3. Not everyone is ready with criticism

Criticism, no matter how good the intentions of its appearance melkamusi still cause shock in the minds of the criticism. Especially when the criticism dilkamusi with attacking intent. Sophist then that will happen. It is very easy going when it raised the question of SARA.

Hold greget to make a comment or criticism that is not useful. Better to be a passive reader, rather than quasi-active but destructive. After all the positive feedback that will get attention first, rather than negative criticism.

4. Be careful in file sharing

Space of freedom provided by the internet, making the netters often forgotten with the privacy of others, including the copyright. Easy matter to make such a trivial distributed digital copyright distributed illegally.

Many artists and copyright owners, both individuals to corporate, aggrieved by this action. Included in the spread of pirated material: software, songs, movies to games. We certainly do not want to make the artists work to be lazy just because of hijacked his creation work.

5. Beware of hoax

What will you do when you receive a shipment that sensational news? About the latest facts, gossip artist, toxic food, vaccines cause autism children and so on? Of course the first is that we read it with enthusiasm. And because they feel important and there are acquaintances or family related to the content of the news, then we send it to him, as he came bombastic comments. So what happened, the news quickly spread rapidly through existing channels.

One-two days later, appears the claim that the news is not true, just a figment while. HOAX!

Then we also contribute to spreading a lie, just because we do not do a check and re-check the news there. So, be aware of the levels of sensational news is too big. Because the greater the concentration, the greater the likelihood he was branded as a hoax.

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3 thoughts on “Ethics When the Online

  1. as the internet users should not forget that the use of this service not only us but everyone therefore ethics above should also be applied

  2. I agree with this article 🙂
    not only in the real world we have to keep ethics but in a cyberspace or when we online, we also have to keep ethics because whatever we publish it is a reflection of ourselves hehehe

  3. really excellent beneficial article

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