facts about internet

Maybe some of the facts or trivia below you already know, but keep these facts interesting and can give us an idea of ​​the world to the real internet. Here it is:

Inventor of the phrase World Wide Web (WWW) is Tim-Berners-Lee in 1990.
The spread of the Internet in the world with the achievements of 50 million users is the fastest, that in just 5 years, compared to radio (38 years) and TV (13 years old).
Based on recent research, only 17 percent of the entire population of the world who do surf the internet.
Countries that have the highest percentage of internet users are Sweden, which is 75 percent of the total population.
In Africa, only about 3 percent of the population who do surf the internet because its cost per megabyte is expensive, even the most expensive in the world, which is about 6.76 Rand or 1 dollar per megabyte.
Based on the latest poll, about 32 percent of Americans want to do business online at home (apparently not only in Indonesia that many people willing to do business like this).
The number of pages that Google indexed the site to date is more than 8. 000 million (8 billion) page.
Backrub was the initial name of the site number 1 search engine in the world, Google.
There are over 234 million websites and 126 million blogs in the world.
Every 28, 258 seconds, pornography sites accessed and viewed by the majority of internet users.
Twitter has over 105 million registered users. While Facebook has recorded more than 400 million active users.
More than one million domain names are registered every month.
The domain name was first registered in the history of the www is symbolics.com on March 15, 1985.
Google bought Blogger in 2003.
The term “blog” was popularized by Peter Merholz in 1999.
Most blog readers are from Canada states.
Mozaic and the first browser was launched in 1993.
About 18 countries still do not have internet connection.
A person who is using the internet blinks 10 times per minute, while not, blink 2 times more than the average.
Internet crimes (eg carding) occurs every 10 seconds and counting.
Approximately 70 percent of Internet users are male.
According to Jupiter Communications, 80 percent of all websites in the world use English.

Azhar Rasyid Hidayat



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