English In Computer Technology

In this modern era, computer technology has become a necessity for human’s life. Because, that’s can facilitate all aspects of human’s life. The aspects include aspects of education, health, transportation and other aspects of various kinds. Computer technology can be useful when understood by all of human. It takes one language in that computer technology which the language must be globally in order to be understood by all of humanity.

English has been established as a global language and must be understood by all human. Therefore, the English language is important for us to understand and is very important in computer technology. Various countries have created computer technology, and language used in these technologies in accordance with the language of the country itself. If that is constantly done, the computer technology projects only can thrive in the country itself, not the whole world.

In order to achieve more profitable sales, then the parties creators of computer technology make a way to get around the computer technology that was created using the English language, or at least there’re two languages, English language and the language of the country itself. Today was even developed countries have created computer technology in a variety of languages. No wonder they can be developed country because of the profit from the sale of computer technology they’ve been able to measure in the whole world.

In the process of making computer technology-based in English language, certainly indirectly require English language skills for the creators of these technologies. Because of that, attaining to understand the English language is very required. Marketing computer technology itself is also done through the process of communication directly or indirectly. Thus, English language skills are also required in addition to the use of language in computer technology, as well as to the marketing of computer technologies such as verbal or written.

In conclusion, the English language in computer technology is very useful in terms of usage for all humans because English is a universal language and is also useful in the marketing process computer technology because through the communication process. Besides that, English language as well as a science to the technician. So, let’s learn English language for the advancement of computer technology, state and nation.


2 thoughts on “English In Computer Technology

  1. This article english assignment yesterday yah ???
    but that’s okay
    like this :p

  2. really excellent beneficial article

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