history of linux

Lunux initially created by a student who comes from Finland named Linus Torvalds. At first linux is a hobby project in minix which is the inspiration of a small unix system that was developed by Andrew Tanen-baum.

0:01 Linuxversi was done sometime in August, 1991, and on 5 October 1991 the official version of linux starts the announcement by linus, linux is 0.0.2 which can only run a bash shell (GNU Bourne Again Shell) and GCC (GNU C Compiler).
At this time linux is a complete system oprasi unix, linux bias in use for a network server, software developers, and even linux can also be made in alternative replacement windows which are quite expensive.

Dalamperkembanganya oprasi linux is a system that its development is very fast, is in because Linux was developed by a diverse group of people. The diversity of this developer included in the level of knowledge, experience and attitude geografisanya. Communication between these groups get a good fengan the internet exists an option. Because linux karnel developed with independent businesses, many applications available, is the C-Compailer contohny using GCC, from the Free Software Foundation’s GNU Project that is in use by Hewlett-Packard and SUN.

For the purposes of providing office linux application called Star Office which has a display such as Microsoft Office. Also available for the version of Corel Linux and Matlab in Linux called Scilab. Linux can get in a variety of distributions that can be called distributions.
The types of linux distros such as RetHat, Debian, Slackware, SuSE, Mandrake, passage and the most popular is that Ubuntu has a debian stale in distribubsikan as a free operating system.

RedHat, the distribution of the most popular, at least in Indonesia. RedHat is the first distribution of the installation and operation easy.

Debian distribution that promotes stability and reliability, although the expense of ease and sophistication aspects of the program. Debian uses. Deb package installation in the program.

Slackware, a distribution that had dominated the world of Linux. Almost all Linux documentation is based on Slackware. Two important things of Slackware is that all contents (kernel, library or application) is already proven. So it may be a little old but that certainly stable. The second because he advocated for installing from source so that every program that we install optimized by our system. It’s the reason he did not want to use the binary RPM and up to Slackware 4.0, it still uses libc5 glibc2 not like the others.

SuSE distribution is very famous with YaST (Yet another Setup Tools) to configure the system. SuSE is the first distribution in which the installation can use the Indonesian language.

Mandrake, RedHat distro is a variant that is optimized for the Pentium. If our computers pentium nWill menggu-up, generally Linux can walk faster with Mandrake. WinLinux, distro that is designed to be installed on top of DOS partitions (WIndows). So to run it can be clicked from Windows. WinLinux made as if it is an application program under Windows. And many other distros that are already available or will be appearing.


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