laptop and the issue of radiation cause cancer

Maybe you’ve heard rumors of radiation on electronic devices such as mobile phones or laptops are quite controversial. But actually, please note that all electronic equipment put out radiation that can not be avoided, ranging from TVs, microwaves, computers, and more. Yet as we know, the use of these tools seemed inevitable.

All electronic devices issued similar electromagnetic field (electromagnetic field or EMF) which is one type of radiation. However, EMF is a type of non-ionizing radiation, or radiation that is not even enough energy to ionize atoms or excite electrons, in contrast to uranium radiation, which is ionizing radiation.

Examples of extreme radiation from electronic devices is radiation from the microwave, which issued a field with high frequency that can be detected even within a few yards. But most other electronic devices radiation will be reduced within a few inches. So long as we keep a sufficient distance when using these tools, then there is no need to worry.

But there are special cases such as the use of a laptop. Many people put a laptop on their thighs when they work. That is, the distance between the body of the laptop is zero. Does this affect our bodies?

Radiation coming out of the laptop mostly from the laptop components, such as hard drives and memory chips, rather than coming out of the screen / display.

Transceiver (receiver) wireless connection also produce microwave radiation, so there is also alleged that says that the wireless signal (or wi-fi, wireless fidelity) is much more dangerous. But the WHO (World Health Organization) denied this and said that the effect is still under the limit which can damage the human body.

There is a recommendation that limit electromagnetic fields that can be tolerated is 2.5 miliGauss body. However, the laptop was able to put out more than 150 mg when used.

Desktop computer equipped with a metal casing so as to form a protective Gauss melindungsi of radiation. But the laptop maker’s nothing to remove these protective of their laptop products that are lighter and more merarik users.

According, some risks that might arise due to excessive radiation, among others:
cancer risk
birth defects
premature cell division causing mutations
Alzheimer’s (forgot / senile acute)

Brain tumors are increasingly becoming a trend in the mobile phone boom is also one of the evidence of the dangers of radiation. But there are also people who are not affected by anything during his life, although he also mobile phone users. But it should also be noted that there is a possibility that the effects of these radiations will be felt 50 years later in time the effect has been accumulated and spread.

Well, instead we stopped use laptop, better to anticipate in order to avoid something that is not expected in the future. Efforts that can be done is:
place the laptop on the surface than above the surface of the body, such as thighs, especially if you use regularly and intense
Do not use pillows to pad on the thigh. Although this seems to protect the body, but the cushion can reduce air circulation / heat removed a laptop which ultimately shorten the lifespan of the laptop
if you have to use the laptop for a long time, try resting on the sidelines of the existing time
stay cool and dont panic đŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “laptop and the issue of radiation cause cancer

  1. I never heard such a cancer between laptop and it drives me crazy

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  3. really excellent beneficial article

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