Simple Tips to Take Care Your USB Flash Disk

Almost all computer users use this media to save and transfer data. With its small size and portability make this media become computer user’s favorite.
Below are some tips how to take care an USB flash disk.

1. Follow the correct procedure every time you take off USB flash disk
Always do eject process or stop before take of the USB flash disk from computer’s USB Port. This will avoid USB flash disk from damage and to make safe the
data inside the USB flash disk.

2. Avoid Editing Data From USB flash disk
As other product, USB Flash Disk has a life age. Its mean that it will broke and can’t be use anymore someday. In its life age specification, wrote between
10.000-100.000 read and write process. Thereby we can make its life age longer by avoid editing data directly from USB flash disk.

4. Keep Away From Water
Although some producer claim their product are waterproof. Keeping away your USB flash disk from water is still an important thing to do.

5. Avoid Magnetic Field
Electronic goods that can produce magnetic field such as television and hand phone are completely not good for your USB flash disk, so, never put it beside

6. Avoid High Temperature

7. Clean USB Connector USB flash disk that has


5 thoughts on “Simple Tips to Take Care Your USB Flash Disk

  1. great information 🙂
    this tips can make help us to take care our flashdisk prevent rapid deterioration 😀

  2. why you no buy another one if your flashdisk break

  3. no money
    children boarding (*_*)^

  4. Before I close this article, thank you for the information in your article

  5. really excellent beneficial article

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