Do You Know Jamstik ??



What’s a JamStik? The JamStik is a portable digital guitar that connects to your iPad or iPhone! We use light to scan your fingers as you press REAL STRINGS to REAL FRETS and use REAL PICKING technique to play, then send that information over to your device in real time to take some of the frustration out of learning to play and put some fun back in!

Aside from being called “the coolest thing at CES 2013” and heralded as one of’s Top 10 Inventions of 2013, the JamStik also works with a whole world of iOS CoreMIDI apps that are already available in the iTunes App Store. Awesome apps like Apple’s GarageBand, Moog’s Animoog, Korg’s iPolysix & iMS-20, Arctic Synth, Sunrizer, the list goes on and on. If it does CoreMIDI, JamStik can control it!

– Real Strings, Real Frets, Real Picking
– Portable: 15″ tall and only 24 oz
– Wireless connectivity
– No Tuning – Low Latency
– Authentic Expression, String Bend, & Pick Sensitivity
– Patented Technology That Sees Your Fingers with Light
– Included Apps: Educational, Creative, & Interactive TAB
– Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
– Full MIDI Support: Works with most midi-based apps
– played with the connection Wi-Fi which have a latency in below 10 ms


3 thoughts on “Do You Know Jamstik ??

  1. Before I close this article, I want to ask if jamstik do you think? This Jamstik using battery, how long if using this Jamstik? thank you for the information on this article

  2. new discovery but I’m not too interested in the above matters
    really does not interest

  3. really excellent beneficial article

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