Pen Sized Scanner-Small, but all in one device


              You know, scanner  is a tool used to scan a form and nature of objects, such as documents, photos, waves, temperature and others. The scan results will generally transformed into a computer as digital data. Old scanners tend yore big, bulky, noisy and slow. But now has created a mini-sized scanners like the size of a pen
              The Pen Sized Scanner works as its name suggests – in addition to writing, this tool can also be used as a scanner to scan documents quickly and easily.. The scanning bit is handled by a high-precision auto-focus lens, where it is accompanied by a 5-megapixel sensor that has been integrated into the pen itself, letting it scan letters, recipes, or important documents at 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution. Whenever you press the shutter button down halfway, a visible red laser will be projected to frame a document, as it focuses on the image automatically before snapping a photo. Sporting 1GB of internal memory, it is good for up to 1,000 scanned pictures in JPEG format and also being able to hold 1,000 1-minute voice memos in WAV format. A single hour’s charge offers up to 300 scans if you’re interested.


3 thoughts on “Pen Sized Scanner-Small, but all in one device

  1. Before I close this article, I think this article is good … but there is no detail whatever series of tools used the pen scanner

  2. items may be presented above have not been too well-known and yet to be launched possible

  3. really excellent beneficial article

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