Weakness in the Windows Activation Windows 8


Lots of blog posts circulating on the internet about how to activate windows 8 to be free. Of the phenomenon, some (IT expert) says that microsoft apparently from the beginning until now has always been targeted by pirates. On the Windows Media Center upgrade package provides multimedia features such as watching and recording TV. However, it is also going to enable Windows 8 system when installed in the computer. And it turns out, the package Windows Media Center for Windows 8 Pro Upgrade is distributed free by Microsoft until January 31, 2013 proved to have a favorable side effect hijackers and can be used to activate the operating system at no cost, and the hijackers who had only received temporary activation Windows 8 through a gap in the Key Management Service (KMS) could also rejoiced.


How to Activate Windows 8 They Do?

Typically, KMS is used by IT personnel support for the Windows operating system in many client computers within a local network without the need to connect a client computer linked to Microsoft servers. Then the rise of the number of hijackers who spread the KMS server activation code via the Internet, but the activation code obtained in this way can only activate Windows 8 for 180 days so that the hijacking method arguably less effective. Well, the permanent activation of the upgrade package from Microsoft’s Media Center reportedly can also be applied on computers that Windows 8 was only active while like that. As a result, Windows 8 is active permanently.

Ironically, Microsoft before it was deliberately reducing the Media Center feature of Windows 8 Pro. Then, due to consumer protests, the software giant is also offering a free Media Center upgrade package. It is unknown how many copies of Windows 8 has been successfully activated by the semi-official way. Clearly, Microsoft may be looking at the good side of this incident, as he had stated in 2006 Bill Gates about Windows pirated from China: “As long as they are going to steal it, we want them to steal our products.” Means, though of course Microsoft wants its operating system purchased through official channels, piracy could at least help build a market share of Windows.

Is the news true?. How ironic if we remember that the date of 26 October ago Microsoft has released the latest version of Windows 8 widows, and then a lot of people asking how to activate windows 8 is. And then, less than 30 days after that, there are also many different activation blogs posted on the blog both Indonesian and international blogs. There is a form of software and some are validity outsmart activation, but most of what I read is the KMS Server.

What exactly is going on behind the phenomenon? I read on yahoo answer anyone who asks after following the instructions from Microsoft on activation and after the last step that was told to check i accept the license terms and then click add feaures, but once it actually failed, and display a warning “something went wrong. Before you add feature, you need to activate your current edition of “what’s wrong and what’s the solution? Is this emerging phenomenon is the fault of microsoft itself so people start looking for a shortcut to perform an illegal move?

Please readers draw their own conclusions 😉


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