Computer Network Security

On Wireless network security has become something that are inherent in such settings or network settings, this is one of them due to the methods used to communicate with other equipment with equipment using broadcast methods. So it becomes a very important thing for you is to use the model of the wireless network with WiFi technology mainly to find out some of the security model is usually provided by the Access Point (AP) to secure your WiFi network.
Network security includes a variety of computer networks, both public and private, that are used in everyday jobs conducting transactions and communications among businesses, government agencies and individuals. If observed regarding the security of the computer network security can be viewed in terms of its form is as follows:

Security Hardware
Hardware security-related hardware used in computer networks. Security hardware is often overlooked but is the main thing to keep in order to remain stable on the network. In security hardware, servers and data storage should be a major concern. Physical access to the servers and critical data should be limited as much as possible.
It would be easier for a thief to take a data disk or tape backup of the server and the storage of data rather than having to tap into software from the network. Garbage should also be considered because many hackers who go dumpster company to seek information on computer networks. One way of securing the hardware was put in a room that has good security. Hole airways should be addressed because it can be the entry into the channel through the server room. Network cables must be protected so that it is not easy for a hacker to cut the wires and then connect to the computer.

Access to a computer can also be limited by setting the security at the BIOS level that would prevent access to the computer, format the hard drive, and change the contents of the Main Boot Record (where information partition) hard disk. The use of smart cards and hardware autentifikasi seperti finger print detector is also worth considering to improve security.

Security Software

As the name implies, it is to be secured software. The software that we mean here can be the operating system, application systems, data and information stored in the computer network, especially on the server. For example, if the server is only serving in the router, the software does not need a web server and FTP server installed. Limit the software that is installed will reduce conflicts between software and restrict access, for example, if the router is also fitted with an FTP server, then people from outside the anonymous logins may be able to access the router.
Software to be installed should also have good security arrangements. Ability encryption (scrambling the data) is a specification that must be owned by the software to be used, especially for encryption 128 bit encryption with 56-bit system has to be solved easily at this time. Some software has security holes is the mail server sendmail and telnet applications. Sendmail has a disadvantage that can ditelnet without logging in port (25) and the access can create an email with a fake address. Telnet application has deficiencies transmit data without encrypting (scrambling the data) so that when tapped can be very easy to get the data.
The second thing to note is the password. Should set the minimum password length fatherly complicate password hacker suss. Password will also be better if it was not made or angak letters only, lower case or all capital, but should be combined. Encryption can increase network security by way of randomizing passwords and usernames, both in the host and on the record at the time it was passed username and password to login to the network while the other computers.
Routing not apart from security threats. Disorder that often arises is the provision of false information about the routing path (source routing in IP header). Giving false information is usually intended for datagrams can be tapped. To prevent such a thing, the router must be set to not allow source routing and routing protocols included in some sort of authentication or a password that only the routing information obtained from a reliable router.

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  1. Computer security is one thing that is very important in the digital world, right ??

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