Operating System

The operating system or in English: the operating system or OS is a software system that served to make the control and management of hardware and basic system operations, including the execution of software applications such as word processing programs and web browsers.

In general, the Operating System is the software on the first layer is placed on the computer’s memory when the computer starts. While other software is executed after running the Operating System and Operating System will perform the core public service for the software. Common core services such as access to the disk, memory management, task scheduling, and user interface. So that each software no longer have a common core tasks, because it can be served and carried out by the Operating System. Section of code that perform the core duties and the public called the “kernel” an Operating System.

According Tanebaum, Operating System had been developed In the next generation Operating System was introduced in an Operating System, this is an example of an Operating System berbasikan Websites that work inside an Operating System. And next-generation mobile operating system was introduced (Mobile) on mobile devices such as PDAs, Pocket PCs, and so forth. In the next generation Operating System technology is also introduced that its virtual network, so the network is only installed 1 1 pc Operating System on the device assigned to a server. In addition, also introduced Cross Platform Operating System that means can combine 2 different Operating Systems such as Linux and Windows.

Today, almost all people have a PC and Mobile PC. Due to the price factor that is always changing and the human need for automated tools such as: PC, then people make the PC as the main requirement. Along with the development of PC technology was created to be used as a quick tool automation that moves (Can be used anytime, anywhere and by anyone). Examples are moving PC: Laptop, Notebook and netbook, the device also has a third operating system like a PC. And now it’s time we discussed Operating System on your PC.







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