Server Oracle SPARC T5 Makin Mumpuni the World’s Fastest Microprocessor

Oracle announced the availability of a complete line of SPARC servers that have been updated, from the ranks of the middle and high end with T5 and M5 SPARC servers running Oracle SPARC T5 Solaris.Server midrange was built based on the Oracle SPARC T5, which is the world’s fastest microprocessor.

Business today requires computing power at maximum gain to exploit rebound data, using analytics to gain growth and opportunity, and change the social stream into market intelligence. Traditional systems do not have the manpower to handle the demands of such tasks ..

“Oracle has done a renovation on SPARC family using the world’s fastest processors and launched the world’s fastest single server for database, Java applications and multi-tier,” said John Fowler, executive vice president, Systems, Oracle. “System SPARC T5 and the new M5 surpass the competition by achieving 10x the performance of previous generations, offers unmatched value to enterprise computing in the midrange and high-end.”


Server Oracle’s latest SPARC T5 have earned 17 world records (1) and is the best platform for enterprise computing on any scale, by providing the best value for database and enterprise applications. SPARC T5-8 from Oracle is the fastest single server that can be used for Oracle Database (2).

SPARC T5-8 from Oracle is also the fastest single server that can be used to run Oracle Middleware with 12x cost advantage compared with the performance of the IBM Power 780 (3). Servers SPARC T5-8 from Oracle has the advantage of cost performance than the IBM P780 3-node cluster, including the costs of hardware and software (4). Servers SPARC T5-8 from Oracle has a 7x advantage of the price in comparison with Ikonfigurasi IBM Power 780 is used for the database server on the base-to-server

New SPARC servers and Oracle Solaris provides mainframe-class reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS), with Oracle Solaris Guarantee Program for binary and source compatibility to ensure the availability of enterprise applications with the highest level of backwards compatibility and to run various range of applications of new and existing enterprise there before. In addition, servers and SPARC T5 latest M5-32 has a zero-overhead virtualization through Oracle VM Server for SPARC and unified systems management via Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c uses Oracle Premier Support services are virtually no extra cost. Currently, all SPARC servers have the same virtualization capabilities in simplifying resource management in servers and SPARC SPARC T5 M5-32.


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