Computer software is a very important part in doing the jobs using the computer. Office software to help us do the office work related to word processing documents, graphics software to help us do the work-if the job picture, or multimedia software which helps us do the work if multimedia.

We have a lot of software products on both the free and paid. In determining which software we use, it’s good to read an article related computer software so that no one chose computer software. Various types of software can be obtained according to our needs. For example, we can get the word processing software such as Microsoft Office, Wordpad, Open Office Writer, Corel Wordprefect for writing requirements. Or also Photoshop, CorelDraw, Adobe Freehand, Adobe Illustrator, for design drawings. Also could use Autocad, SAP, Autodesk Revit Architecture to design a house or building.

In addition to the many other types of software that can be found in the article such as computer software or make the software to play multimedia files, software for counting, facial recognition software, and other software.

Based on licenses granted, this software is divided into several types, namely:

1. Freeware

This freeware software with a license we can get for free. Usually the software maker has made some provision for the use of the software in advance that we must obey.

2. Shareware

Software with this shareware license we can use it for free within a certain period. Typically shareware software with this license is part of a campaign by the software maker.

3. Proprietary Software

To get this kind of software we have to buy or pay for the license usage. Usually the software with this license is intended for professionals.

4. Open Source

Open Source Software licenses we can get for free. In addition we can also change the facilities that exist in the software in accordance with our wishes. In addition we can also distribute the software that we change it freely.

                Ahmad Gibran Toufani




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  1. like my comment about the hard drive before we learn more about computers better knowing basic things first

  2. really excellent beneficial article

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