The digital revolution not anymore unstoppable

Physicist and mathematician Stephen Wolfram confusion when internet connection at digital conferences NEXT break, when the British man analyzing social networks like Facebook. “If we do not have the Internet, we can not be anything,” said Wolfram laughter that greeted the participants in the conference room. 1,500 conference attendees to come from abroad, know, without a stable internet access and fast, the world of digital economy is not running.
The digital pioneers in introducing the BCC Berliner Congress Centers ideas, start mobile payment services to online to schedule an appointment through carpentry services and haircuts.
The developers of young and creative ideas are interwoven in a network society and that is precisely what the trend, said Marina Gorbis of the Institute For The Future. “This is a very social process, where people seem different to what we know today.” The main one is to establish a network of people in the workplace. “This network is developing and building a new world, but based on the old world without destroying the things that already exist. Social relations and new technologies will be used to make the system more flexible, quick to react and hold disruption.”
 Symbol image Digital Economy
A Beautiful New World?
Concretely was demonstrated on Odesk internet platform, an online job fair. Either software development, webdesain, translation or office work, who gives work to put it in there or directly see job seekers from all over the world, who presented themselves through text and images in the platform, including the required wage.
Marina Gorbis admitted, sometimes he does not think what this development will lead to more individualized, triggering income is not balanced, less privacy and more space surveillance. But no one anticipates the future passive. “We have to really think about the technology developed, because it is a social technology that will shape the community for years to come.”
Changes in the Business World
Nowadays digital world sparked the question, what the public desires, what the willingness of consumers? Anyone who can draw income from it and how much it changed the business and the business? Clearly, the revolution was unstoppable again and interactive consumer society has rocked the existing world order.
 NEXT 2013 conference, Peer Steinbruck
There is no other field that so feel than printing. Reader wishes to change dramatically, said Stan Sugarman of Hamburg Gruner und Jahr printing. Which will be paid by consumers in the future at most enduring content, such as recipes, popular scientific theme or exclusive travel information, Sugarman said. Grunder und Jahr new software to process the data bank and can imagine a platform to sell their products through online merchants such as Amazon.
Deutsche Telekom is also the digital revolution affect the data transfer continues to increase and the German telecommunication company felt alone in fulfilling the demands of adequate infrastructure. “There are 1.3 Zettabyte volume of data that must be transferred within a year. Was the number with 20 zeros,” said manager Matthias Schmidt-Pfitzner Telekom.
Also think about how the political economy of old and new work together and walk in the same direction, the demands of the Party Chancellery SDP candidate Peer Steinbruck. Only then can the digital revolution as a model for economic suksel Germany, said on a conference Steinbruck NEXT.


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