A touch screen PC has multi-touch capability on the surface of the display, enabling the user to easily to manipulate data or images on the screen by using one, four or ten fingers at a time. Touch screen PCs are great timesavers because they eliminate the need for keyboarding and reduce errors as well. They are used extensively in hospitals, in retail kiosks, in banks, and in classrooms.

Types of Touch Screen Technology

A touch screen is a type of display screen on a computer or mobile device that is sensitive to the touch of a finger. Touch screens digitize the point of finger contact into an X-Y coordinate. Most of today’s touch screens are passive, and there are three different methods of operation :

  1. Resistive: these screens are pressure sensitive, and use two active layers – a flexible plastic layer on top of a rigid plastic or glass layer, with insulated space in between. The layers are coated and different voltages are applied, so that when touched the relative voltages enable the controller to determine the X-Y location.
  2. Capacitive: this method uses one layer consisting of metallic coated glass, and voltage is applied to the corners of the screen. When the finger touches the screen it draws a bit of current that the controller then measures as a change in capacitance and the resulting X-Y location.
  3. Projected Capacitive: a hybrid method that uses a sensor grid sandwiched between two glass layers and one of the newest types of touch screen technology. When the screen is touched, the controller measures change in capacitance in the grid and then the X-Y location. This grid system enables multi-touch capability, as is common in smartphones and tablet computers today.


The most obvious advantage of using a touch screen is speed. It eliminates the time-consuming task of having to use a keyboard for input for some tasks. Even if a keyboard is necessary for performing a function, a soft keyboard can be displayed that is also activated by touch. Using a touch screen can also eliminate errors that are made in keyboarding, and they are very easy to use. Even technology-averse people or novices can easily use touch screen PCs.




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  1. Touch screen is input and output device

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