Computer Specs for Gamers

Computer Specs for Gamers


Maybe a lot of friends who play games hobby, but often when the game is installed to the computer is not good, in fact can not work, here I’ll show some spec computer for gamers

1. AMD or Intel DualCore in OC

– AMD Athlon64 X2 5000 +

– RAM Corsair / Kingston 2x1GB DDR2 PC6400

– Mobo ECS A780GM-A (on board Radeon HD3200 w / HDMI out)

– Casing 450W Simbadda SimCool

– DVD-RW Lite-On 20x


– VGA POV 9600GT 512MB 256bit

– Keyboard + Mouse Logitech std aja

– Monitor LG or Viewsonic 17 “Wide

– Budget price of about Rp. 6 Million


2. Amd Athlon Phenom X4 9600 BE

– Mainboard using the 769 chip, the brand is up

– VGA Card: Nvidia Gforce FX9500 512MB 125bit

– Kingston 2Gb PC 6400

– Hard disk and the other can be adjusted.

– Others such as DVD, Power Supply, Monitors, up to your choice

– Price no information





3. Intel Core i7@2.54

– Ram Corsair 2x 1 GB Ram

– Motherboard Gigabyte What might aja

– Case Power X 150 Thousand

– Keyboard + Mouse Simbada

– Flat screen or LCD Monitor

– Use GPU Nvidia G Force 8600 GT

– HDD 160 GB seagate

– Price about 8 million


4. Intel P-Dual 3GHz

– Mainboard: Intel Sandusky 945PSNLK

– Memory: 1GB Geil DDR2 Dual Kit.

– Storage: two WD 250GB SATA II HDDs

– GFX card: 512MB 256bit DDR3 pcx7900GTX imp card with a clock speed

– Sound Card: Creative X-Fi Fatality full bundle

– ROM: Dual Layer DVDRW

– Case: Asus Vento 3600

– Watercooling system: Thermaltake Aquarius III (already had that on my priveous machine).

– Mouse: Logitech MX518

– Monitor: You decide

– Estimated price of about 5.5 Mt



3 thoughts on “Computer Specs for Gamers

  1. How about Razer ?? Hahaha it’s too expensive dude 😛 but I think this packet is enough. Maybe just same lagging on extreme game. But It’s OK. The important thing that this specification is compatible with many games. So gamers will happy everytime. LOL what I comment here

  2. really excellent beneficial article

  3. This article is very recommended for gamers
    are you gamer? 😀

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