Oculus Rift: Virtual reality

Oculus Rift: Virtual reality

Palmer Luckey, 20, wants to give virtual reality a second life. The technology — gadgets that cover the eyes and create 3-D images — has been a fixture in science fiction since the 1980s but never took off because real-life devices were scandalously expensive. Luckey, a homeschooled tinkerer, has been working on perfecting the idea for three years, taking cues from today’s smartphones. His Oculus Rift raised $2.4 million on Kickstarter. No launch date is yet set.

We have one of the first Oculus Rift development kits in house, and spend the day testing it in Team Fortress 2. Watch how this virtual reality head-mounted display works in-game with every available control setting, as Will practices rocket jumping and we discuss the promises and challenges of VR.

What do you think of our Oculus Rift Reactions? Do you want to see more Oculus Rift TF2?


3 thoughts on “Oculus Rift: Virtual reality

  1. why has not launched? I wonder how the response of technology users in Indonesia about thistechnology.

  2. wow,,,,,,
    new technology,,,,
    might be useful later on,,,,,,
    thanks for the info >>>>

  3. really excellent beneficial article

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