Prosesor Core i7

Almost two years have passed since Intel introduced the Core 2 Duo processor it’s great. Intel has now officially introduced its new generation of desktop microprocessors, Core i7 (formerly known by the code name Nehalem). This new CPU faster than Core 2 Duo, even ordained as the fastest CPU available today.

Core i7 was launched in three versions quad-core market segments to target three different desktop PC. The first is the base model 920 (2.66 GHz) with the official price of U.S. $ 286. The second model is 940 2.93 GHz at a price of U.S. $ 562, while the third model is the 965 Extreme Edition 3.2 GHz at a price of U.S. $ 999.

Judging from the price, the Core i7 is not cheap. But if you want to assemble a PC with a Core i7 system, you do have to pay dearly. For the system, your options are still limited to the motherboard with the Intel X58 chipset (with ICH10 southbridge) and DDR3 memory. Both the price was not cheap.

But the new processor offers several new features, among others, integrated memory control and a new Turbo mode. Hyperthreading also resurfaced, adding four virtual core to four physical core in the Core i7 CPU.

Turbo mode, called Dynamic Speed ​​Technology, allowing the CPU to turn off the core and increase the clock speed, which can be useful in applications that require long more megahertz, not core more. In the muti-threaded applications, the CPU will balance the load across all cores.

The new CPU has 731 million transistors on a die size of 263 square millimeters. All Core i7 processors are designed on a thermal design power of 130 watts. Interface bandwidth Quick Path Interconnect provides pre gigatransfer 19.2 seconds on models 920 and 940, and 25.6 gigatransfer at Extreme Edition models.


3 thoughts on “Prosesor Core i7

  1. Intel Core i-7 Quad-Core. I wanna this actually. Ah wait, just little information, the i-7 has hexa-core version too. I wondered what the difference between them. Let’s think, the hexa-core version will be extremely cleverer and smarter. And it will be faster,too. And I wish to know when the Core i-9 (maybe) will be designed and launched LOL

  2. faster and faster launch new processors
    I still have the same processor as the first

  3. really excellent beneficial article

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