The classification of information technology

teknologi-informasi112Continue my last article “ What is information Technology (IT) ? ” From this  we know that Information Tachnology cover computer Technology and Communication Technology . Detailed,  Information Technology have 5 type are input technology, processing machine technology,storage technology,output technology and software technology.

  1. Input Technology
    Input technology is a technology that have relation with something to input data in computer sistem. Input tool usually found in computer sistem form keyboard and mouse.
  2. Processing machine technology
    Processing machine called CPU(Central Processing Unit), mikroprosesor, or  prosesor. For example a famous processor now on are Pentium and Power PC.
  3. Storage Technology
    hdStorage technology differ to  2 group,there are internal and external memory.Internal memory called main memory use to temporary saver for data, program, or  information when processing by CPU.example to internal memory are ROM and RAM. In  ROM (Read Only Memory) we just can read data,we can’t upgrade or change data but in RAM we can do it.external storage called secondary storage.External storage is permanently data saver, our data still save save without electricity power.example : Harddisk ,disket and Flashdisk.
  4. Output technology
    Output technology is a technology that relation with output sistem.example of output technology are  Monitor and printer  .
  5. Software Technology
    Software called program. Of course to doing  computer function, needed software self. For example : Microsoft Word is software to processing the word and making some document, Adobe Photoshop to processing a picture.

Hopefully, this article can provide greater insight and to contribute ideas to the readers especially the students of Brawijaya University. We are aware that this paper is still a lot of flaws and is far from perfect. Therefore, to our English lecturer asks input for improving our article  making in the future and expect criticism and suggestions from readers.

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