What is information technology (IT)?

All student computer system class B assigned to write an article about IT in English. so I think before we write an article about IT (information technology term) will not be nice to know in advance what the understanding of IT (information technology)?IT

Definition of Information Technology

What exactly is meant by information technology? Whether that information technology is identical to the computer? Is it true that cell phones are also part of information technology? Those questions are often posed and to find the answer we need to understand it. Some meaning of information technology has been expressed by some experts, including:

  1. The Oxford Dictionary (1995), is the study of information technology or electronics equipment, especially the computer, to store, analyze, and distribute any information, including words, numbers, and Figure .
  2. Haag den Keen (1996), information technology is a set of tools that help you work with information and perform tasks related to information processing.
  3. Martin (1999), information technology is not just limited to computer technology (hardware or software) that is used to process and store information, but also includes communication technologies to transmit information.
  4. Lucas (2000), information technology is any technology that is applied to process and transmit information on the Web.
  5. Williams and Swayer (2003), information technology is a technology that combines computing (computer) with high speed communication lines that carry data, voice and video.

From the notion above seen that information technology either implicitly or explicitly not just of computer technology, but also the telecommunications technology. Explanation of two technologies that underlie the understanding of information technology are as follows:

Computer Technology
Computer Technology is a technology that deals with computers, Including computer-related equipment such as printers, fingerprint readers, even danh CR-ROM. Computers are versatile machines that can be controlled and programmed, is used to process the data into information. The program is a sequence of instructions that are used to control the computer and the computer can do its job According to the Desired by the author of the program. Data is the raw materials to computers that can be either numbers or letters or symbols, while the information is the form data has been processed so it can be yanag menjadibahan that is useful for decision-making.

Telecommunications Technology
Telecommunications Technology called communication technology is technology that is associated with long distance communication. Included in the technology category are telephone, radio and television Of that explanation can be concluded that information technology was not the only computer technology, but also the telecommunications technology. In other words, information technology is a combination of computer technology and telecommunications technology.

So articles about understanding IT from me. May be useful and thank you.

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