Windows 9 True or False ?


Microsoft officially unveiled Windows 8 in October 2012. But the rumors have accompanied the operating system’s successor.

Previously widely heard if Microsoft is preparing the first update of Windows 8, the Windows named Blue. But is it just?

Of course not, because the sources are obtained by Digitimes claims that the software giant is currently preparing another generation of Windows.

Rumors circulating mentioning that this is referred to as Windows 9. It would be the latest generation after Windows 8. from Softpedia, Tuesday (09/04/2013).
The source also get leaked that Windows 9 is the middle of the work period will be launched shortly after Windows Blue presented. That is, if the Windows Blue crowded reported released around August, then Windows 9 will be in October. Fitting a year after the birth of Windows 8


5 thoughts on “Windows 9 True or False ?

  1. If you look at the increasingly rapid development of technology, the rumors may be true. Besides uncertainty, I hope Windows 9 (if the rumors are true) may represent the tastes and needs of the community to the development of technology, as well as to complement the features of Windows 8. Let’s wait and see.

  2. If you look at the development of today’s technology, the rumors may be true. If true, I hope Windows 9 captured the hearts of people with extraordinary features. let’s wait and see.

  3. WOW,,,,,,
    windows 8 just recently came out and now will appear winsdows 9 maybe it will show up a few years away,,,,,,, 😀

  4. really excellent beneficial article

  5. technology development is very fast
    have not tried Windows 8, Windows 9 already come out 😀

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