Original Chip Made in Indonesia ?!.,,,,


Xirka Wimax chipset, a chip made ​​by an Indonesian native, not an easy effort is made ​​chips with a fairly high complexity. Xirka Indonesian engineer who escorted some of these were developed in 2006. This chipset consists of two specifications, namely Chipset Xirka for Fixed Wimax and Mobile Wimax Chipset Xirka for. For fixed wimax was launched in August this year. While mobile wimax slated for release in the fourth quartal 2009.Produk original made in Indonesia was launched by the Minister of Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia, Kusmayanto Kadiman. He explained that all the components in the Xirka is made ​​in Indonesia. Wimax operators who provide services must use Xirka.


2 thoughts on “Original Chip Made in Indonesia ?!.,,,,

  1. with this chip proves that Indonesian human resources do not compete with foreign even though we know that a lot of Indonesian people are smart but why until now Indonesia not getting ahead ,,,,,,(*_*)^

  2. really excellent beneficial article

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